Economic law

Running a successful and competitive business is always connected with disputes and conflicts arising in the process of concluding contracts. Fulfillment of contractual obligations, payment for goods and services, negotiations with counterparties and customers, relations with government and regulatory authorities regarding obtaining permits and licenses, attracting investments. This is just a small list of what entrepreneurs in Ukraine face every day.


In business relations, it is important to secure yourself in advance against any risk of disputes. But, first of all, it is necessary to solve a controversial situation that has already arisen. It is usually difficult to do without a qualified advocate in commercial law.


We are convinced that an advocate in business law is a reliable business partner of a Client who understands commercial processes and is interested in the success of the Client’s business.


Advocates and lawyers of “Klochkov and Partners” offer clients an individual approach to business, a detailed analysis of each specific situation to find the best options for its solution, taking into account all possible risks to their business.


Most often, going to court to resolve a business dispute is not the most effective option because of the length and cost of the legal process.


Work of our advocates and lawyers, first of all is aimed at alternative resolution of business disputes – negotiations and mediation.


Thus, we provide a full range of legal assistance in support of economic relations, which in particular include:


– provision of legal advice in the field of business law relating to the conclusion and execution of business contracts;


– participation in negotiations with customers and counterparties;


– legal analysis and development of possible business development options taking into account legal risks;


– participation in the resolution of economic disputes;


– holding negotiations and other legal measures for the pretrial settlement of economic disputes;


– drafting of claims, opinions, objections, appeals and cassation complaints and other procedural documents necessary for resolving business disputes in court;


– representation of clients in courts of all instances and arbitration institutions;


– representation of clients in the execution of court decisions.