Intellectual right

Ukraine is considered to be a country of innovators. 124,000 patents, 10,000 of which are filed abroad, 5,600 patents are filed in foreign jurisdictions, 4,600 copyright inventions are in other countries. And this is only for the last 11 years. Every year, Ukrainians register about 12,000 patents for useful inventions.


It is no secret that our compatriots were pioneers in the most progressive sciences. At different periods of their history, Ukrainians invented a kerosene lamp, a helicopter, a spacecraft, electric tram, an electronic computer, an X-ray, a postal code system, a unique ProZorro electronic system, edible polyethylene and many more useful inventions that are used in the whole world. By the number of registered inventions, Ukraine competes equally with more developed European countries.


By law the objects of intellectual rights in Ukraine include: literary and artistic works; computer programs; compile data (databases); performance; phonograms, broadcasts (programs) of broadcasting organizations; scientific discoveries; inventions, utility models, industrial designs; layout (topography) of integrated circuits; innovation proposals; plant varieties, animal breeds; commercial (company) names, trademarks (marks for goods and services), geographical indications; trade secrets.


However, inventing something new is only half of the battle. The other half is related to the legal registration of rights to the object of intellectual property. And for this you need to go through a certain procedure.


Our lawyers help in matters of state registration of intellectual property rights and protection against unfair competition.


Our lawyers also provide services in the field of intellectual property rights, including judicial and extrajudicial protection of copyright.


We will provide:


– trademark registration;


– registration of copyright and related rights;


– drawing up contracts in the field of intellectual property and their further support;


– protection of intellectual property rights, including the way by compensating damages for the illegal use of intellectual property, a ban on the use of intellectual property;


– seizure of counterfeit products.