Corporate law

Recently, corporate relations in Ukraine have been developing rapidly. However, the imperfection of the legislative base and a low level of corporate culture of the participants in such relations have led to a large number of corporate conflicts.


Corporate law is an industry where there are not so many experienced lawyers and advocated who are able to resolve corporate conflict for the benefit of both parties. Our advocates in corporate law have the experience necessary for this.


Advocates of corporate law in our association are specialists with many years of experience in the legal services market. Our advocates have the sufficient amount of knowledge and skills necessary to resolve the tasks set by a Client in the field of corporate law.


In order to reduce risk of corporate conflicts, we provide comprehensive legal advice in the area of ownership of corporate rights and protection against unfair infringement of corporate rights.


While contacting us, a Client receives reliable consultants who can protect in any category of corporate law, such as:


– recognition of constituent documents of an enterprise as invalid;


– recognition of decisions of the general meeting of shareholders / founders of a company as invalid;


– in invalidation of contracts signed with violation of the constituent documents of the enterprise (abuse of power  by the head, etc.);


– excluding a participant from the business partnership (protection from exclusion from the membership of the business partnership);


– in collecting the value of the community property share, in connection with the withdrawal (exclusion) of the participant from the business entity;


– in the recovery of the amount of dividends due;


– in obtaining by the participant of the economic company information about the activity of the company;


– recognition of the right to a share in the authorized capital of a business entity.


In addition, the complex of legal assistance of Advocate Association  “Klochkov and Partners” in the branch of corporate law includes:


– analysis of corporate contracts of any complexity, as well as other business contracts (supply, concession, lease, temporary storage, etc.);


– assistance in setting up an enterprise, namely the selection of the organizational and legal form of the future enterprise, the choice of the optimal tax system;


– passing the registration procedure of the newly established enterprise. It also includes registration of changes in the founder members of the company, location, types of activities, changes of the director / signer and others.


Also, our lawyers for corporate law will develop a statute for the new enterprise and will change the already existing statute. In strict accordance with the legislation, they will compile other necessary constituent documents, ensure their notarization at a convenient time for a Client.


We will conduct the procedure for registering an individual entrepreneur in all necessary state bodies.


By contacting Advocate Association “Klochkov and Partners” on corporate issues, a Client receives high quality service and professional fulfillment of the tasks.