Dispute Resolution

Almost every day we are faced various kinds of conflicts and disputes: at work, at home, in business, in public transport and even in the family.


Sometimes such conflicts and disputes, considering their smallness, very quickly exhaust themselves. But in our practice we are often confronted with complex disputes, both psychologically and procedurally. For every person any kind of conflict becomes a stress. He knocks out from the usual way of life and subjects to moral experiences. Therefore a Client who applies to the Advocate Association “Klochkov and Partners”, first of all gains peace of mind and confidence in resolving his problem.


In general, the court is only a stage in the resolution of any dispute or conflict. Before the litigation, there are still a lot of different options for resolving the dispute and arguments. And to resolve the conflict even before going to court is a high road in the field of jurisprudence.


The lawyers of Klochkov and Partners will help to negotiate, predict all possible options for the development of the dispute and consider in details the conflict resolution strategy. In addition, we can help attract attention of the public and the media to the conflict of our client.


Many years of experience and a high level of qualifications of our employees allow us to successfully accompany the resolution of various disputes, both between individuals and legal entities, as well as disputes with various government agencies.


Despite the fact that today there is a fully justified opinion about inefficiency and stagnation in the judicial system, we successfully represent the interests of our clients in courts of various instances.


The practice of resolving disputes is fundamental in the legal sphere and implies not only judicial proceedings, but also pre-trial settlement of disputes with the help of an advocate.


Our advocates’ algorithm in the field of dispute resolution is very simple, but it is very effective:

– We hold a meeting with a Client, listen to his problem, obtain the necessary documents and which is the most important find out from the Client what they want to get as a final result and what result they see in resolving the dispute.


– Based on this, we conduct a legal analysis of the situation, study documents, court practice and develop options for resolving the problem, taking into account the wishes of the Client. At the same time, we analyze all possible risks and form a preliminary legal assistance strategy.


– After coordination with the Client of the most appropriate strategy, both in terms of implementation and in terms of the final result we provide legal assistance.