Criminal law

“Man proposes, God disposes” For many centuries this famous saying has not lost its relevance, especially in modern Ukraine. The situation in our country develops in such a way that almost every citizen is forced to know criminal law.


Criminal law is a branch that concerns human freedom directly.


Detention and arrests, questioning and searches, exhausting court sessions – this is not the whole list of the “charms” that any person who has fallen under criminal prosecution may experience.


Criminal proceedings are not just a set of numbered sheets of paper. This is a complex legal and psychological process. It becomes an undoubted stress for anyone, even for a sufficiently prepared person.


Criminal prosecution can deprive a person of his liberty, it gives a criminal record and changes their life forever. It often results in disastrous without proper legal protection.


Our criminal advocates are real professionals. They have impeccable knowledge of criminal law and process and many years of experience in criminal cases.


If you have been detained and taken to law enforcement bodies, if your apartment, car or office is being searched, if you have been called in for questioning or you are suspected of a crime – do not hesitate, contact “Klochkov and Partners”.


Our criminal lawyers will provide you with:


– high-quality consultation on interaction with law enforcement bodies;

– protection during searches or other investigative actions at the enterprise;

– protection during searches of your house, car;

– protection during questioning of a witness at the stage of pre-trial investigation;

– protection of the suspect at the stage of pre-trial investigation;

– defense of the accused in court in all bodies;

– representation of victims’ interests in criminal proceedings.


We guarantee:


– honest and conscientious attitude towards the assumed duties;

– high level of professionalism;

– highest protection of a customer interests;

– strict observance of advocate’s secrets;

– a reasonable approach to the payment of fees.


If you need legal assistance in a criminal case – please contact us. Advocates of “Klochkov and Partners” will do their best to minimize any negative consequences.