Advocate association "Klochkov and partners"® is a team of experienced advocates, professionals and enthusiasts.

Each partner and employee of the Advocate association "Klochkov and partners"® is part of a team, whose main task is the legal protection of Client's interests at the highest level.

Qualified legal assistance, high confidentiality and satisfaction of interests of our Clients is our top priority task.

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Our services:

Criminal law

Criminal law

Protection of individuals and legal entities:

  • In case of detection
  • In case of search
  • During examination
  • Protection of interests in the stage of pre-trial and in the trial
Civil Law

Civil law

  • settlement of hereditary disputes
  • settlement of labor disputes
  • settlement of bank disputes
  • protection of rights for intellectual property
Commercial  law

Commercial law

  • registration/ reregistration/ winding-up of legal entities
  • legal support of entity’s activity
  • legal analysis of contracts
  • legal support during negotiations
  • debt and penalty collection
Administrative offence

Administrative offence

  • Restitution of driver’s certificate, of vehicle
  • Reduction of fines
  • The appeal of decrees
  • Protection of rights in court
Family law

Family law

  • Settlement of disputes
  • Hereditary disputes
  • Divorce, division of property
Legal outsourcing

Legal outsourcing

  • Legal support of commercial activity of the company
  • Representation of interests of the company
  • Drafting of contracts and legal support of their conclusion

Tax practice

  • The appeal of decisions of tax authorities
  • The appeal of tax notice-decisions
  • Settlement of problem situations
Legal advice

Legal advice

Why should you become our Client:


Reliable protection of the rights of Client in any legal area.


Detection and prevention of future risks for the Client.


Aim to get

 peaceful settlement of disputes.

Qualified legal support and protection of the Client's business.


The high level of Client's confidentiality.


Maximum satisfaction of the Client's interests.