Criminal law

“Man proposes, God disposes” For many centuries this famous saying has not lost its relevance, especially in modern Ukraine. The situation in our country develops in such a way that almost every citizen is forced to know criminal law.

Tax law

In spite of the tax reform, which has been rapidly taking place in recent years, many issues at the legislative level has remained unresolved . After visiting an enterprise by representatives of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine it is possible to resolve some problems, only through an in-depth analysis of business documents and relevant judicial practice.

Antitrust law

The monopolization of economic activity and entrepreneurial competition are not already being discussed in a professional environment only. The activities of antitrust authorities are increasingly attracting attention of the citizens.

Corporate law

Recently, corporate relations in Ukraine have been developing rapidly. However, the imperfection of the legislative base and a low level of corporate culture of the participants in such relations have led to a large number of corporate conflicts.

Economic law

Running a successful and competitive business is always connected with disputes and conflicts arising in the process of concluding contracts. Fulfillment of contractual obligations, payment for goods and services, negotiations with counterparties and customers, relations with government and regulatory authorities regarding obtaining permits and licenses, attracting investments. This is just a small list of what entrepreneurs in Ukraine face every day.

Intellectual right

Ukraine is considered to be a country of innovators. 124,000 patents, 10,000 of which are filed abroad, 5,600 patents are filed in foreign jurisdictions, 4,600 copyright inventions are in other countries. And this is only for the last 11 years. Every year, Ukrainians register about 12,000 patents for useful inventions.

Dispute Resolution

Almost every day we are faced various kinds of conflicts and disputes: at work, at home, in business, in public transport and even in the family.

European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights is an international judicial body,  jurisdiction of which extends to most European countries. The main task of this court is to consider complaints about the violation of human rights.