Antitrust law

The monopolization of economic activity and entrepreneurial competition are not already being discussed in a professional environment only. The activities of antitrust authorities are increasingly attracting attention of the citizens.


State control in the antitrust area sometimes becomes a significant obstacle to further activity for entrepreneurs of medium and large businesses. The principle of freedom of entrepreneurial activity is very often covered by the principle of the inadmissibility of unfair competition.


With its binding decisions, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine imposes huge fines on enterprises and blocks economic activity. Moreover, constant accrual of interest significantly increases the costs of enterprises.


In order to minimize the negative consequences of decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and other supervisory bodies we provide representation of the interests of companies in courts and other state bodies by professional lawyers. They will also protect the business and save profitable economic activity.


Advocates of “Klochkov and Partners” provide such types of legal assistance in the field of antitrust law as:


– protection and representation of clients in antimonopoly and other regulatory bodies;


– advising on issues and legal support in the concentration of business entities;


– obtaining preliminary conclusions in antitrust authorities;


– representation of clients in court if a case of violation of antitrust laws has been opened;


– legal assistance in resolving competitive disputes;


– submission of applications for review of decisions on cases of violation of the law about the protection of economic competition, etc.