European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights is an international judicial body,  jurisdiction of which extends to most European countries. The main task of this court is to consider complaints about the violation of human rights.


The decisions of the European Court are final on the merits. Their implementation is mandatory for countries to which the jurisdiction of the court applies.


In its decisions, the European Court of Human Rights recognizes violations of the Convention on Human Rights by the respondent state in certain cases. They force state authorities to change administrative and judicial practice.


The  European Court of Human Rights does not consider all complaints, but only those that it deems acceptable. In order for the complaint to be declared by the court acceptable and was accepted for consideration, the following facts and conditions must be observed:


– at least one of the rights enshrined in the Convention or its protocols has been violated;


– one should apply for protection of one’s own, not someone’s right (in some cases relatives may file a complaint);


– all domestic remedies are completed;


– the complaint is filed within six months from the date of the final decision on the case;


– the complaint is not subject to another procedure of international investigation or settlement;


– the complaint is not anonymous.


The advocates of “Klochkov and Partners” are ready to file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights. We will prepare all the necessary documents, study the relevant practice on similar disputes in order to succeed in the prepared complaint.